Terminology To Know Before You Go To The Cannabis Store

Visiting a cannabis store can be such an exciting experience. It has been beneficial for many people to watch this substance be legalized in various states. However, cannabis does have its own culture surrounding it, and there is some terminology that comes with that culture. Understanding these terms before you visit the cannabis store will allow you to have a better, more complete shopping experience.


When you walk into a cannabis store and see someone behind the counter, discussing purchases with customers, that person is known as a budtender. Their role is closer to that of a bartender than that of a cashier. They can tell you about the different products, make recommendations, and portion out the cannabis that you wish to purchase. Budtenders are great people to ask if you have any questions about cannabis; they're the experts in the field.

Recreational Versus Medical

Some cannabis stores are recreational shops. These shops sell to those who use cannabis recreationally. However, a shop that advertises as a medical dispensary is one that focuses on providing cannabis for those managing certain medical conditions. Many shops offer both.


You may see a whole shelf or a whole part of the store labeled "concentrates." These are cannabis products that have been extracted from the cannabis and then concentrated. They can include THC distillate, which is basically pure THC as a liquid. Other concentrates include tincture, which is THC suspended in alcohol, and also resin, which is THC in a gummy, sticky form. Concentrates can be great, but they are also very strong and not usually the best way for beginners to get started with cannabis.


If you see signage mentioning caregivers in the dispensary, those signs are referring to people who have been assigned to purchase cannabis and administer it to those who need it for medical purposes. The cannabis store may advertise deals, discounts, and purchasing regulations for caregivers. 


If a cannabis store advertises that they offer pre-pack products, all that means is that when they give you a product, it will already be packaged. This is in contrast to deli-style stores that have the cannabis out on display and put it in bags when you order it.

Understanding the terms above will make your trip to the cannabis store even more enjoyable. You will be less confused by signage and by comments that the budtenders and other shoppers make.

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Visiting a cannabis store can be such an exciting experience. It has been beneficial for many people to watch this substance be legalized in various s